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We leverage on our FBE™ principle to create powerful and sustainable brands for our clients. It is a borderless and timeless concept. In fact, many of the world’s most successful brands started out with building solid business Fundamentals and engaging in matching Expansion strategies. Branding became an easy and natural outcome by constantly aligning and reinforcing it with the two. General Electric, BMW, Walt Disney, IKEA and Zara are good examples.


Our Branding approach includes the following steps:


1. Knowing Where We Are – Brand Review
We enable our client to take stock of its Current State covering its business Fundamentals, current Branding and Expansion strategies, as well as its external environment such the industry and market it is in. To achieve these, we review internal documents and collateral; conduct stakeholder surveys, interviews, desk research, primary market research and focus groups. Often, we will discover not only facts about the present, but also gain a peek into future trends and opportunities.


2. Deciding Where We Want To Be – Brand Vision
With the information gathered, we will enable our client to envision a Future State, say 10 years and beyond, where it wants its Brand to be. This will set the stage for spurring the entire organisation forward.


3. Knowing The Gaps – Brand Gaps
We will identify gaps between the Current State and the desired Future State, paying attention to gaps between our client’s business Fundamentals and current Branding (FB Gaps), as well as those between its Branding and Expansion strategies (BE Gaps).


4. Building The Right Engine – Brand Strategy
We will work with our client to build the “engine” to propel it from the Current State to the Future State of its Brand. There are two parts to this endeavour, and both are important:

One, it must address the critical gaps that exist between FB and BE.
Two, it also needs to give room to aspirations and inspirations. Take, for
example, some of the Fundamentals may not be in place yet, but can be
acquired – realistically. The Brand to be built can be projected upon
these future Fundamentals.


Components of the Brand Strategy include:
• Brand Positioning, including Product Strategy
• Brand Mission and Values
• Brand Personality and Tone
• Brand Promise and Tagline
• Brand Story
• Brand Architecture
• Product Brand Development Framework


5. Dressing and Speaking The Part – Brand Identity
We will design the Brand Logo for the client, taking into consideration its effect on aesthetics, applications and intellectual property protection. When a new Brand Name is required, we will bring our client through a name creation and selection process.


6. Getting The Message Out – Brand Communication
We will equip our client with design grids and application templates to consistently put forward its Brand Visuals and Message. Accordingly, we will design:
• Corporate Stationery and Literature
• Brand Visual Communication Materials
• Product Packaging
• Website
• Store Look-&-Feel


7. Managing Your Brand – Brand Manual
We will develop a Brand Manual that will help our client to communicate its Brand to stakeholders and manage the applications of its Identity, spelling out clearly the specifications and restrictions on its usage.


8. Getting Buy-in – Internal Stakeholders Engagement
We will run Brand Culturalisation Workshops, and also recommend activities/actions that will inculcate the Brand Values into the psyche and behaviour of employees, so that they can become effective Brand Ambassadors.


Optional Engagement Modules:


9. External Stakeholders Engagement Strategies

10. Brand Communication and Public Relations Plan

11. Brand Talent Management

12. Customers Brand Experience Design


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