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Being sustainable is a continuous progression in business strategy.

David Teng

Associate Director

With an MBA from the University of Strathclyde (Glasgow, UK) and a strong foundation in marketing and sales, David has successfully managed and restructured P&Ls for multinational corporations, showcasing exceptional business acumen and growth leadership throughout his career. 


Before joining FT Consulting, David was the Strategic Business Advisor, Business Development Director and Merger & Acquisition Leader for an Indonesian Power Solutions conglomerate. In 2014, David served as the Group CEO for APac Energy Rental, which was part of the Caterpillar Inc. dealer network, providing electricity to underserved grids and driving international growth. 


He had also served as the Asia Pole Leader for General Electric Aeroderivatives Gas Turbine business, contributing significantly to the growth of a $3 billion business unit. His previous role at Aggreko, a UK publicly listed company, further underscores his strategic prowess in the power and temperature control business. David’s global perspective and entrepreneurial spirit has enabled the creation of compelling value propositions for multinational corporations over the years. 


His diverse training, including ISO 14064 GHG Accounting, Six Sigma Green Belt Certification and Listed Entity Director Program (Singapore Institute of Directors), is a testament to his commitment to lifelong learning and upskilling. 


A father of two daughters, David is passionate about cooking and aviation. He is a certified Private Pilot (FAA License) and enjoys taking to the skies in his free time.

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