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Expand to Asia: Discover the Innovation Paradigms in Asia Masterclass 2021

Expand to Asia: Discover the Innovation Paradigms in Asia Masterclass, organised by Action Community for Entrepreneurship (ACE) at SWITCH 2021, explored the key innovation paradigms in Asia and outlined the implications for startups and companies operating in Asia.

The global pandemic has changed Governments and businesses’ paradigms on innovation, rolling out initiatives and funding hoping to create and capture new growth areas and markets.

Through the Masterclass, each presenter shared how each of them contribute to the dynamism of the innovation ecosystem.

Mr Winston Chan, Group Managing Partner of FT Consulting, is invited as one of the presenters to share his experience and insights about the future of business.

Other notable presenters include -

  • Mr Joseph Khong, Action Community for Entrepreneurship (ACE), Assistant Director

  • Mr Jonathan Ng, Common, Partner, Innovation Design

  • Mr Hui Kwok-Leong, NUS Enterprise, Acting Director, Ecosystem Development


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