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Intellectual Properties - What, Why and When Do You Need It?” by FT Consulting Indonesia

FT Consulting Indonesia, in partnership with SR Legals, organised a webinar on “Intellectual Properties - What, Why and When Do You Need It?” on 8 July 2021.

SS&R Legal Consultants (SR Legals) is a law firm headquartered in Jakarta, Indonesia. They specialise in the area of Indonesian commercial law for over 20 years.

The prolonged Covid-19 situation has impacted many businesses, professions and how we live on a daily basis. This sudden (if not drastic) change, has made many of us re-look into what assets there are and how to maximise its value to strive and surf in the so called ‘new normal’.

The webinar aims to provide insights on identifying, protecting and leveraging intangible assets for business growth in both the emerging Indonesian market and internationally.

Our Group Managing Partner, Mr Winston Chan, together with Ms. Rahajeng Handayani, Partner of SR Legals, shared about what, why, when and how do we strategically manage Intangible Assets as part of company wealth.

Among others, we were glad to have adequately addressed queries from Indonesian SMEs from the infocomm, media and arts industries.


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