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IP & Franchise in ASEAN/Asia Webinar

The ASEAN block has always been a strong magnet for international franchise brands. With a combined GDP of almost 3 trillion USD, it is no wonder that ASEAN thrives as a fertile ground for franchise expansion. However, one must note that receptivity of foreign brands differ from country to country, and from city to city within each country. Our Group Managing Partner, Mr Winston Chan, was invited by IPOS International to share about IP and Franchising in ASEAN/Asian countries at a webinar on 10 March.

The session examined how franchises must adapt their concepts to suit the diverse ASEAN environment, and highlighted what key IP issues must be considered as they enter the markets.

Winston shared his viewpoint from a business perspective, while Ms Lorraine Tay from Bird & Bird ATMD shared from a legal perspective. Mr Ng Chong Yuan from IPOS International was the moderator for the panel discussion.

The webinar was attended by personnel from the IPOS trademark registry and other colleagues.


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