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National Intellectual Property Training Centre of Saudi Arabia - Training of Trainers Programme

The World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) and Saudi Authority for Intellectual Property (SAIP) organised a Training of Trainers of the National Intellectual Property Training Centre of Saudi Arabia.

Through the 10-day online programme held from 27 September to 12 October 2021, it aims to provide the trainers with the necessary knowledge and skills for intellectual property (IP) training facilitation.

The programme also aims to strengthen and develop the infrastructure to meet the increasing local demand from IP specialists, professionals, government officials and other stakeholders, and to promote a fair balance between IP protection and the public interest.

Our Group Managing Partner, Mr Winston Chan, was invited to share his expertise on the ninth day of the programme, specifically on the following areas:

  • Licensing, franchising and distribution: finding the right contract

  • Extracting value from an IP portfolio: exploring new opportunities

  • Design strategies to identify and assess IP needs from relevant business sectors in Saudi Arabia

It was an insightful evening exchanging thoughts and ideas with all the professionals specially selected by SAIP for the programme.


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