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[Team FT] Ms Adeline Low - Journeying 19 years with FT Consulting

February 2022 is a memorable milestone for two of our Company’s “heavyweights” - Ms Adeline Low and Mr Robin Yeo’s long service with FT Consulting.

Ms Adeline Low, our Senior Admin Executive, has been with FT Consulting for 19 years. Read on as we celebrate Adeline’s journey with FT Consulting and her steadfast dedication all these years!

Brief introduction about yourself

Hi, I’m Adeline. I joined FT in 2003 as an Admin Executive. My work scope involved Office Administration, Human Resource, Accounting, and IT Support. Between 2005 to 2006, I was also actively involved in Franchise Consultancy projects while handling office administrative matters.

In recent years, FT Consulting has also established a training arm, the FT Academy. I am glad to be able to play an active role in this new subsidiary, providing training and administrative support.

Time flies (really quickly) - Now here I am with FT Consulting for 19 years!

How have things changed over the years

I have seen and experienced how the company’s business and services evolved and expanded over the years. In the past, our strength was mainly on Franchising. Today, our strength and expertise has grown to a vast spectrum of services. FT has built on the industry credentials over the years and has earned the professional reputation among government agencies, institutions and SMEs.

What is the motivating factor that keeps you going with FT

This would be FT’s company culture. It always feels like family in FT.

At FT, we work and play hard together. The strong network of support from colleagues is irreplaceable.

Even though COVID-19 made physical interaction with colleagues challenging, that did not stop us from planning digital activities via Zoom to stay connected.

In addition, I am thankful to have supportive and understanding bosses at FT who see through my personal development and career growth all these years. That keeps me going as I continue to have the passion and keen interest in all the projects I do.

Share your most memorable moments with FT Consulting

My most memorable moments would be our overseas company trips to Cambodia and Hanoi where we visited the Ministries that we are supporting for a social cause.

What are your goals for the future

I would like to further upskill to improve on my work competency.

Words from Mr John Ong, Group Executive Chairman

Adeline has a gentle spirit and is always cheerful. She’s a wonderful person to have on the FT team. We’re so blessed to have her for almost 20 years!


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