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[Team FT] Kopi Appreciation Tour by Kim Guan Guan Coffee Trading

Team FT embarked on our first Health and Social Activity of the year by visiting one of our clients, Kim Guan Guan Coffee Trading Pte Ltd, for an aromatic and inspirational “kopi” (coffee) appreciation tour at their headquarters in Bedok Food City.

With a strong passion to keep Singapore’s unique kopi culture alive, the team at Kim Guan Guan constantly strives to innovate and raise the level of awareness on local kopi.

Our heartfelt appreciation to the founder and CEO of Kim Guan Guan, Mr Jason Soon, and Director, Ms Wendy Lee, for personally facilitating the roastery tour and workshop. It was an informative session where we got to learn about the labourious process of roasting coffee beans to achieve the optimum level of flavours and aroma.

There are many details to take note in order to brew a perfect cup of kopi or teh (tea). The beverage has to be pulled at a specific angle using a specially designed pot, and the water temperature and duration of brew must be carefully maintained.

Each of us was also gifted a sampling box of kopi and teh sachets in assorted flavours to try at home. It was an enriching afternoon spent at Kim Guan Guan where we got to relax and unwind amidst the hustle and bustle of work!


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