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[Team FT] Mr Robin Yeo - Journeying 15 years with FT Consulting

February 2022 is a memorable milestone for two of our Company’s “heavyweights” - Ms Adeline Low and Mr Robin Yeo’s long service with FT Consulting.

Mr Robin Yeo, our Regional Manager and Senior Consultant, has been with FT Consulting for 15 years. Read on as we celebrate Robin’s journey with the Company and his steadfast dedication all these years!

Brief introduction about yourself

I am Robin Yeo and I am a Senior Consultant and Regional Manager in FT Consulting. I joined FT in February 2007; previously I was in the Telecommunications Industry for over 10 years. So I am celebrating my fifteen anniversary in FT in 2022!

How have things changed over the years

I have had the privilege of experiencing and witnessing first hand how FT has expanded the types of consulting services it offers to companies and grown its network of overseas offices over the past 15 years.

Our FT team in Singapore has also grown so as to support the new consulting services we offer to clients, both big and small, established and start-ups.

What is the motivating factor that keeps you going with FT

My main motivation is to see my clients grow their business in a sustainable way.

I am also involved in conducting franchise, license, and intellectual property management training; I am deeply motivated to share my knowledge and insights in these areas with others.

Share your most memorable moments with FT Consulting

My most memorable moments are about hearing our clients expressing their appreciation to us for the consulting work or training that we have done for them.

My other memorable moments are also those times when the FT team came together to have fun outside work or celebrate key occasions such as celebrating birthdays of colleagues – the chance to eat very nice (and specially “curated”) cakes!

What are your goals for the future

My goals for the future are to support and contribute to FT’s success – in offering new services incorporating technology, in growing our training business, and in increasing our network of partners.

Hopefully, to achieve and exceed these goals in the next 15 years!

Words from Mr John Ong, Group Executive Chairman

Robin is truly a stalwart at FT, and also a face of our company in the franchise industry. It’s been wonderful having him as a brother, friend and colleague!

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