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[Team FT] World Youth Skills Day

World Youth Skills Day was on 15 July, where we celebrated the strategic importance of equipping young people with skills for employment, decent work and entrepreneurship.

At FT Consulting, we believe in teaching youths industry-relevant knowledge and skills. Let’s hear from our youth intern, Jamie Tan, 20, who has been interning with us for 4 months now.

Brief introduction about yourself

I am Jamie Tan and have been interning with FT Consulting as a Management Consultant since March 2022. I will be matriculating into Singapore Management University, taking a Bachelor in Business Management in August 2022. I will also be continuing as a part-time intern at FT Consulting, while juggling with school commitments.

Share with us your most memorable learning experience

On my first day of work, I met a client for an Intellectual Property and Assets project.

With no background in this field, I was frantically researching what it encompasses. I went to the client’s office with an open mind and heart. I was so inspired by the constant innovation of companies to grow and it opened my eyes to the different aspects of businesses, such as the need for Licensing and Trademarks. Listening to clients directly was also new to me and the fact that we are impacting organisations and bringing them to greater heights interests me.

What are some skills you have gained from FT Consulting

There are many invaluable skills I have gained from FT Consulting like adaptability, time management, and collaboration.

At any point of time, each person will usually be dealing with multiple projects, involving different stakeholders and team members. This means that there are different timelines, tasks, people, priorities, and many other variables involved.

It took me a while to find my balance between work and life, but I learnt that rearranging priorities and not giving up is essential to any parts of life. It is definitely tough but ultimately, trying is all that matters.

I’m also very fortunate to be working closely with Winston Chan, the Group Managing Partner of FT Consulting, and Shu Juan, a Branding consultant, who are patient and forgiving of my shortcomings and inexperience.

What motivated you to continue with FT Consulting

The homeliness of my colleagues and the exposure FT Consulting gave me since the very beginning. As a people-oriented person, people around me play an important part in whatever I do.

When I came to FT, I was the only intern and hence, I thought I would be lonely. However, my colleagues are inclusive and will check up on me every single time. Whenever I have problems, they will readily offer help despite having their own commitments too.

With regard to the learning exposure, I got a glimpse of various industries and projects, which I would not have experienced due to my inexperience and age. Besides, my colleagues will push me to try different projects and entrust me with responsibilities, which motivated me to do my best and be excited about work every single day.

The trust, relationships, and the great exposure I've gotten from FT is immensely heartwarming, both personally and professionally. I’m definitely excited about what FT Consulting will throw at me and what I can do to impact organisations!

In conclusion, I’m immensely grateful and touched for this opportunity FT has given me. If I had turned back time, I would definitely not spend my holidays anywhere else!

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