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World Intellectual Property Day 2022

This year, the theme for World Intellectual Property Day is "Intellectual Property and Youth" - to encourage youths to innovate and leverage on Intellectual Property (IP) for a better future.

Our young intern of age 20, Jamie Tan, shared her thoughts on IP.

“To me, intellectual property is an interesting area for everyone to explore (especially youths like me) as the business and innovation sector is constantly evolving. Working in FT certainly exposes me to how intellectual property rights play a critical part in achieving business goals, tackle challenges, and propel business growth.”

Our Group Managing Partner, Winston Chan, attended the World IP Day event on 26 April 2022 and here are some of the highlights:

As IP professionals, one of our core businesses is to help clients unleash the true potential of their IP assets through the creation, protection, and monetisation of breakthrough products & services, technologies and business models.

Contact us for more information on how you can also leverage your IP for growth -

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