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Growth Strategies and Go-To-Market

Innovation & Intellectual Property Management

Rim Polymers

Transformation Via

IP Strategy, Distributor Development Programme & Branding for Internationalisation 

Rim Polymers is globally recognised in developing and constructing winning polyurethane (PU) technologies, machinery and solutions that are tailored to the needs of automobile, household equipment and construction materials sectors.

Rim Polymers was rebranded with the optimal brand strategy and position to capture its market leadership in the region. We also helped Rim Polymers secure their industry-leading IP assets, empowering the Group in its expansion.

Recognised as the foremost technology leader in PU moulding automobiles & appliances in trade media

Prominence & Coverage

Empowered to Expand

Successfully opened up its American market via partnerships and robust go-to-market initiatives

New Customer Base

New positioning & collaterals helped establish customer base in US / Mexico set-up

Poised for Global Growth

With it's corporate, IP & Brand Strategy in placed, Rim Polymers is now ready to strengthen its position as a global PU player

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