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The cost of stagnancy often outweighs the risk
of change.

Stella Yap

Senior Consultant

For close to 2 decades in FT Consulting, Stella has focused on helping both SME and publicly listed clients achieve breakthroughs in business expansion through strategy and brand development.  

In the area of strategy development, she assists clients to analyse their market and industry, deep-dive into internal environment, evaluate business performance, and develop sustainable growth initiatives. Where overseas expansion is involved, Stella leads in research and analysis for market feasibility studies and entry strategies for regional countries such as Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and the Philippines.   


In brand development, she works with companies to develop compelling new brands and concepts, or reposition existing brands to give them a distinctive edge over the competition. Clients benefitted from new brand identities, stronger brand equity, new target customers, and expanded channels and reach.   

Stella has served clients in many industries including F&B, FMCG, beauty & wellness, medical equipment, manufacturing & wholesale, industrial & engineering, clubs & societies, commercial kitchen, furniture, executive training and preschool, amongst others.

Prior to joining FT Consulting, she was an Executive Consultant at Ernst & Young’s consulting practice where she headed projects for an organisational improvement for a diverse packaging group, and an investor’s business proposal for establishing a new airline in Myanmar.  

In addition, Stella has 10 years of experience in financial analysis and management reporting in the banking industry. At OCBC Bank, her portfolio covered subsidiaries, business loan units, and a performance management system for departments. She was also part of the financial management and analysis team at Union Bank of Switzerland covering reporting for various business units.

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