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Having been business practitioners, we are assisting; not just consulting.
Utomo Njoto (CFP)

Senior Franchise Consultant, Indonesia

Utomo has been serving many clients in franchising since year 2000. Now he is still assisting Apotek K-24 which has been growing via franchising, from 4 outlets in 2004 to more than 400 outlets operating in early 2018. He is also assisting MOM N JO, a maternity relaxation centre, which has been growing via franchising, from 1 outlet in 2008 to more than 20 outlets operating in early 2018.

Utomo’s experience in advertising, branding and marketing industry has formed his unique way in serving the clients. He is also a regular columnist in a franchise magazine, and a trainer & facilitator for SME’s, organised by Ministry of Trade, Republic of Indonesia.

With recent certification in Financial Planning, he is now also a facilitator in Entrepreneurship & Franchising for Retirement Planning, especially for top & middle level managers.

Utomo is known to be very analytical and detailed in strategic business development processes, which brings a higher success rate opportunity to FT clients.

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