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A joyful day is one where I have helped others.
A meaningful life is one when I have made a positive impression, impact and influence
to others.

Yvonne Chia

Senior Consultant

With over 9 years of combined working experience in business development, leasing and contracts review and management, franchise development and management, HR management, learning & development, retail management, Yvonne provides strategic and operational insights into various industries including education, food and beverage, retail and services.

Yvonne began her HR career first as a Recruitment Consultant in a recruitment agency then as an HR Generalist in a local renowned home improvement retail chain with over 30 outlets and over 300 employees regionally. She graduated from NUS with a Bachelor Degree in Communications and New Media, and a minor in Management. Having completed her ACTA in 2011 under WDA, she is a WSQ certified curriculum developer, trainer and assessor.

Making a switch in portfolio and prior to joining FT Consulting, Yvonne served 4 years in business development of the same retail chain. As the Head of Business Development, her experience included recruitment and setup of 3 overseas retail franchises (Cambodia, Mongolia, Malaysia), project management of all franchise setup and operation matters including staff training, store design, product selection and export, sales and marketing.

Under her belt, she also took charge of the chain’s retail leasing negotiations and was involved extensively in a building sale transaction of over S$40m, strategic planning, financial reviews, legal contracts vetting, IP management and corporate secretarial matters.

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