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"A Toss to New Heights and Growth". Inspiring Success and Navigating Growth in 2024

FT Consulting concluded the auspicious lunar new year celebrations with an intimate gathering among our clients, business owners and partners, with a focus on building business success and fostering connections.


Held at FT Consulting’s  iLoft, the event featured insightful sharing from our clients, Terry Neo (CEO of Kopifellas) and Justin Chou (CEO of Growthwell Foods and Co-Founder of the Greendot Group). They delved into the strategies and hard work that propelled them to success, offering firsthand experience on overcoming challenges, navigating market shifts, and unlocking untapped opportunities to elevate their brands to new heights. Our very own Executive Chairman & Principal Consultant, John Ong was also on hand to expound on navigating the uncertainties in 2024.

Terry Neo [Kopifellas] - Flying the Singapore Brand High in Overseas Market (Urban Hawker NYC)

Terry gave a compelling narrative of his participation in Urban Hawker USA (New York City), highlighting key challenges in supplies, permits and licenses, as well as forming a collaborative alliance with 11 other Singapore F&B operators that brought economies of scale. Terry also stressed the importance of market adaptation, introducing alternative milk options such as oat milk and soy milk, and recognising the different taste preferences in the US compared to Singapore.

Justin Chou [Growthwell Group] - Building a Winning Brand Strategy

Justin emphasised the centrality of core values in business decisions and the significance of a founder-led approach in the early stages of the business. While advocating for growth, he cautioned against over-innovation and underscored the importance of preserving the family legacy. As a strong advocate for adaptability, Justin urges businesses to adjust strategies based on their growth phase, be it restructuring, expansion, or resource optimization.

John Ong [FT Consulting] - Building Resilient Businesses in Uncertain Times

John provided a comprehensive overview of the economic landscape in 2024, highlighting pervasive challenges like global slowdown, inflation, trade barriers, and geopolitical uncertainties. Despite the uncertain times, he pointed to the positive emergence of Southeast Asia, in particular, ASEAN, as a bright spark. Singapore, being strategically located in this growth region, is positioned as an advantageous springboard for local enterprises to launch into the regional markets and beyond.

Each speaker contributed a distinct perspective, weaving together a vibrant tapestry of diverse experiences that enriched the event. The audience was privileged to hear about their personal anecdotes and pivotal moments that defined their entrepreneurial paths.

Beyond the enriching speaker sessions, "A Toss to New Heights and Growth" provided a platform for networking and collaboration. We ended the session with a Prosperity Toss (Lohei) and lunch, in which attendees further engaged in meaningful conversations, fostering connections and ushering in a prosperous new year together.


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