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Client Showcase: Fishball Story

(Image credit: Fishball Story/ Facebook)

August is the month to celebrate Singapore’s National Day! In conjunction with our #SupportLocal initiative, we will be featuring four of our Food & Beverage clients.

In this feature, we showcase Fishball Story, a homegrown brand passionate about bringing quality and nostalgic food, especially fishball noodles.

How did Fishball Story start:

The grandmother of Douglas Ng, the founder of Fishball Story. She only used fresh ingredients and her simple recipe, which ignited Douglas’s passion to spread the fishball story. Through providing delicious and quality food from Fishball Story, Douglas aims to touch the lives of others and reminisce about childhood.

(Image credit: Fishball Story/ Facebook)

What separates Fishball Story from other concepts:

Fishball Story is a quick service eatery offering a proud Singaporean heritage hawker staple – fishball noodles – one of the brand’s signature items. The brand prides itself on using quality, premium ingredients and consistently delights with its superior taste. On top of a wide range of cooked food and snacks, its items are on sale for customers to savour the same quality products in the comfort of their homes.

(Image credit: Fishball Story/ Facebook)

FT Consulting’s work with Fishball Story:

We are truly grateful to be part of and grow the Fishball Story through Concept Development and Franchising.

Wishing Fishball Story constant innovation and growth to greater heights!

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