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Client Showcase: Three Legs Brand

(Image credit: Three Legs Brand/ Facebook)

August is the month to celebrate Singapore’s National Day! In conjunction with our #SupportLocal initiative, we will be featuring four of our Food & Beverage clients.

In this feature, we showcase Three Legs Brand, a homegrown brand of 85 years, solving the need of quality healthcare through its specialised range of cooling water and over-the-counter products.

How did Three Legs Brand started

After observing the early immigrants of British Malaya often succumbed to common ailments such as heatiness, coughs and headache, the four founders of Wen Ken Group decided to solve this problem by launching the Three Legs Brand products (Headache powder, cough syrup, tinea skin solution and cooling water).

(Image credit: Three Legs Brand/ Facebook)

What separates Three Legs Brand from other beverage concepts:

Three Legs Brand is always looking for different opportunities to cater to constant changes in the market needs. For example, despite having their 4 core products since the start, they also created innovative products like flavoured cooling water and Pe Pa Kao.

FT Consulting’s work with Three Legs Brand:

We are honoured to have worked on a branding project, including the naming and strategy, for Three Legs Brand’s new flavoured cooling water, Cooltopia.

(Image credit: Three Legs Brand/ Facebook)

Wishing Three Legs Brand constant success and growth! FT Consulting will always be behind you.


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