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🌟 EmpowerHer Spotlight Series: Trailblazing Female Entrepreneurs for International Women's Day 🫶🏻🎈

In honour of International Women's Day, we proudly present another trailblazing female entrepreneur, Gee Jia Xin (Co-founder of Grains & Co.). For Jia Xin, International Women's Day carries profound significance as a day to celebrate gender equality. Her remarkable journey in the culinary world serves as a testament to the power of perseverance and the empowering spirit of women.

From Culinary Dreams to Hawker Success

Fuelled by an unwavering passion in the culinary field since the age of 11, Jia Xin turned her childhood dream of starting her very own business into a reality. She began her journey as a hawker at the age of 21. As she recounted her experience, she shared that "the journey had been bittersweet and there was no such phrase as 'end work' in our dictionary. It can wear a person out at times, but it is also very rewarding and there's a great sense of achievement. 12 years in, no second thoughts and still savouring every moment of the priceless experiences I learnt along the way". Since then, Jia Xin has co-founded Grains & Co., a grain bowl concept that celebrates superfood grains inspired by the seasons to bring out the freshness, flavours and fun in every bowl they serve. For the past 3 years, FT Consulting has come alongside Grains & Co. to assist in its business expansion. With the latest Fusionopolis outlet slated to open next week, the brand now boasts five outlets across Singapore, nourishing its customers one bowl at a time!

Balancing Professional and Personal Life

Successfully managing a growing business demands a delicate balance. Jia Xin achieves this by setting clear expectations, fostering awareness, and consciously separating work and personal discussions, showcasing her dedication to both professional excellence and personal well-being. This separation enables her to focus on tasks effectively while also being present in her personal life.

Words of Wisdom

Jia Xin's entrepreneurial wisdom is grounded in grit and resilience. She urges aspiring female entrepreneurs to embrace resilient determination and an unwavering attitude, acknowledging these qualities as indispensable companions on the challenging yet rewarding journey of entrepreneurship. "When there is a will, there's definitely a way. Nothing is impossible, therefore impossible is nothing! 💪".

As we look back on Jia Xin's culinary journey, let's draw inspiration from her unwavering spirit and determination and celebrate the joy of turning dreams into reality. Here's to women who inspire inclusion and redefine success in their own unique ways! To find out more about Grains & Co., please visit:


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