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[Team FT] Internship Reflections by Braxton


Hi there! I’m Braxton and I am an undergraduate studying chemical engineering at Imperial College London. At first glance, many people would question my decision to embark on an internship that seems far removed from STEM but I believe that it is critical to learn about subject matter beyond your area of study to become a well-rounded and holistic individual.

Embodying this virtue means that I will not hesitate to enthusiastically seek out novel experiences to broaden my horizons. As such, I jumped at this internship opportunity with FT to garner an insight into the intricate world of consulting.

Learning experiences

Market research, competitor analysis and developing business proposals are key cornerstones of a consultant’s toolkit and I feel privileged to have a chance to develop these skills.

The exposure to different industries definitely synergised with my learning objectives for this internship opportunity too. However, for me personally, the key takeaway from this whole experience is learning how to synergise the strategies within a company to ensure a cohesive thrust towards achieving success. I learnt this principally through the meetings that I was able to participate in with external companies.

Conversing with key management personnel and learning about how their businesses operate, as well as to listen to the passion in their voices when talking about transitioning their companies into the next stage of growth were extremely inspiring.

While people may be experts in their own areas, I could physically see how lending input to each other for the benefit of the business through these pertinent meetings was what ultimately chartered the path to prosperity. Applying this to myself, I definitely will try to increase the breadth of my knowledge so that I will have the capability to ask pertinent questions that can influence impactful decisions.

I cannot express my appreciation enough to Ashoke and Winston for giving me a chance to partner up with them and contribute to their planning and strategies with their clients. I managed to also work closely with Robin to assist with the expansion of client operations overseas too. These are invaluable on-the-job experiences and I will never forget them. Thank you!

People and relationships

The team here at FT has been a tremendous delight and joy to work with. The working environment here is friendly and everyone is incredibly helpful towards each other.

Despite me being a novice in the business world, I was entrusted with responsibilities that included me working on materials that had a tangible outcome with regards to the workflow and the development processes that FT was engaged with in relation to their clients.

This element of trust was what I believe drove me to give my level best in all the projects that I managed to lend a hand to during my time here. This was truly an unforgettable chapter in my professional career and I cannot express my heartfelt gratitude enough to the team here. Thank you FT!

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