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Thinkers, Doers and Visionaries

A convex combination of all these three qualities - we are the thinkers who troubleshoot crises and solve intellectual dilemmas, the doers who keep our eyes on the ground and make progress, as well as visionaries with strong goals and inspiring solutions.
Founded in Singapore and present in multiple developed and emerging markets, FT Consulting is a Singapore-headquartered, Asia-centric business consulting firm that specialises in helping businesses turn their growth vision into reality. We pride ourselves as a Journey Partner, providing breakthrough ideas coupled with sound execution for sustainable growth.

Our Corporate Video

I’ve known FT Consulting for some years now, and have seen how they played a part in helping local enterprises grow and achieve breakthroughs. 

Understanding FT Consulting’s core values and what they can do as a professional, I was happy to have referred business partners in my Timbre+ business to them for assistance. I’m confident that they will be in good hands.

Mr Edward Chia
Member of Parliament, Holland Bukit Timah GRC, 
Co-Founder of Timbre Group

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30 years on, here's our journey so far

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International Expansion Projects

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Business Systems

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Government & Industry

Project / Engagements


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Enlarging market share and geographical coverage through strategy development and
tactical actions

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Helping our clients create, protect and monetise breakthrough products & services, technologies and business models

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Achieving a quantum leap by reinventing our client’s business and achieving breakthroughs through amalgamation and other strategic means

Our Key People

Trust, integrity and adaptability define our services and underline our successes. Meet the industry practitioners and leaders behind the scenes.

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John Ong

Group Executive Chairman

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Winston Chan

Group Managing Partner

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