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Growth Strategies and Go-To-Market


Market Scan | Consumer Survey | Strategic Roadmap | Brand Strategy & Identity | Crystallise sub-concepts with new food offerings that will spin off from Greendot

To rejuvenate and relaunch Greendot as a brand that will attract and engage the younger consumers even as the brand has been in Singapore for 10 years, with its current customers maturing in age together with the brand.



10 years ago, we assisted the founders of Greendot to create a revolutionary plant-based F&B concept with an all-new service model and an inspiring brand message – moving the consumption of vegetarian food away from religious practices.

At the same time, we helped to overcome the market perception that vegetarian food was bland and could not “fill the stomach” of male consumers. By curating the menu and determining the pricing strategy, as well as designing the semi-self-service workflow, we were able to make vegetarian food hearty in portion and yet affordable. As a result, many young PMETs and students have affectionately embraced the brand over the years.


10 years on, the brand needed to be refreshed, and the company is willing to embark on brand and concept overhaul to achieve that.

The launch of the Greendot Patisserie and Greendot Campus stall in early 2022 marked a significant milestone in the brand's rejuvenation journey. 


Besides its all-new look-&-feel, more importantly the brand has staked a claim in the hearts and minds of its future consumers – the youths. Eating green, eating healthy and being kind to the earth and self should begin at an early age. 


More Greendot sub-concepts will be launched, offering food variants that are not the usual vegetarian meals, but delightful non main-meals through new experiences. The company is confident that its business performance will be even stronger in the next 10 years.

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