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[Team FT] Internship Reflection by Candace


Hi, I'm Candace Kuan, and I'm in the last year of my Visual Communications program at Nanyang Polytechnic. While interning at FT Consulting, I've embraced the challenges and uncertainties, which have proven to be a rich source of valuable skills and experiences. My journey here has boosted my self-assurance in my continually evolving skills and has also taught me how to strike the right balance for a fulfilling work-life dynamic.

Learning experiences

Experiencing various scenarios and engaging in diverse projects has been instrumental in enhancing my creative capabilities by not only refining my technical skills but also nurturing my critical thinking. The constructive feedback from my colleagues and the participation in client meetings have significantly expanded my perspective on branding and design.Working with the Branding and Marketing Innovations (BMI) team made me aware of certain things I was not taught in school like certain methods of using the various design softwares and specifications on design industry standards. FT Consulting is known for their marketing and consulting, and I would say being an intern in the BMI team has been very insightful.

Striking a balance between an enjoyable internship experience and exposure to the professional world is crucial for students like myself, as it offers valuable learning opportunities. In my view, FT Consulting has successfully delivered on this front. A key insight gained from this journey is that the creative and learning process is ongoing, and companies with a genuine passion for their work, such as FT Consulting, have helped me form a positive mindset towards a career as a designer.

People and relationships   

Interacting with the FT Consulting team has been an absolute delight, and I am deeply appreciative of their support during my three-month tenure. Even though I tend to be reserved in nature, the warm and open-hearted atmosphere at FT Consulting has made me feel at ease and genuinely appreciated as a valuable team member in the projects I've contributed to. I initially had concerns that, as an intern, my opinions might not carry much weight, but there have been numerous instances where I've felt that my input was not only valued but also considered important. This has significantly bolstered my confidence in expressing my thoughts and actions.

Thank you so much FT Consulting, for making my internship interesting and enjoyable. The things I have learned and experienced will be with me now and in the future!

Looking Ahead

Candace has most recently completed her Visual Communication Final Graduation Project Showcase. The project aimed to enhance EveryNoise's scatterplot calibrated music discovery website by evolving it into an emotion-based visual and sensorial music discovery platform. Through interactive and vibrant visualisations, the goal was to illustrate both the emotions users are experiencing and the number of similar users, facilitating a nuanced understanding of music preferences. The platform enables users to navigate music based on emotional resonance, fostering dynamic exploration of diverse musical landscapes and encouraging discovery of music that resonates with specific emotional states.


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