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Change is the only constant.
Ryo Horiki

Partner, Japan

Ryo Horiki is a serial entrepreneur and consultant specialising in new business and web marketing. In Japan, he runs five companies in web marketing, system development, IT security enhancement, branding creative production, and import trading.

Ryo started his career in 2012 when he was a university student, founding an event management business and a co-creation marketing business with consumers. By the time he graduated from college, he had established two technology companies that planned and developed their own web media and services, as well as developed web marketing strategies and implemented measures.

After graduation, he continued to run these companies while also committing to business growth as a CMO and COO in various industries as a private business. For example, he grew a startup to 20 times its size in one year, did SEO and MEO for a company with over 1000 stores, improved CVR through UI/UX and creative production and built corporate sales organisations and inbound marketing.

In recent years, Ryo has established a new international trading company, importing food, machinery, clothing, etc., and providing one-stop branding and sales services in Japan. He has also established a new technology company in IT security, operating as a master distributor of software for large corporations, penetration testing and offshore development.

As a serial entrepreneur in the 21st century, Ryo is skilled at efficiently and quickly launching new businesses from scratch and doubling KPIs through the power of web marketing and technology. He is also the owner of five Japanese companies that combine synergies to accelerate the businesses.

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